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Welcome to Littlefield Independent School District! I must say I am amazed at the pride, loyalty, and dedication our students, teachers, and community members possess. Littlefield ISD is truly unique and one of the best school districts in Texas. Whether you are a born & bred Littlefield Wildcat who bleeds maroon and white through and through - or a new Littlefield Wildcat who chose this incredible place to raise your family and is falling in love with the maroon and white...or just checking out Littlefield ISD for the first time, thank you for taking a few moments to read about our district. 

Littlefield ISD is a special place for lots of reasons! The first (and absolute best reason) is our KIDS! We have the best kids! We strive for every child to attain mastery in everything they are learning, but it is equally important that they develop character along the way. Our kids are involved in everything from robotics to band to academic UIL to athletics and everything in between. Our kids work hard every day and exceed our expectations in every way! 

As awesome as our kids are, our staff is just as exceptional! Our staff is experienced, and they LOVE the autonomy they have in designing instruction in their classrooms and love the close-knit community within our Wildcat Family! They love what they do and their passion shines through! 

We are so blessed to be enveloped by an amazing community as well! From supportive parents who partner with us through our volunteer organizations and booster clubs, to the people in this community who show up at all our events to root on our Wildcats. We treasure the legacy and history in Littlefield ISD and know that we are successful because of the decades of hard work before us!

And leading the charge is our tremendous school board! These seven individuals serve in the best interests of our students and continue to envision what the future could be like in LISD! It is truly an honor to serve alongside each of them to lead the Littlefield Independent School District!

If there is ever any question or issue, I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 806-385-4150 or by email at

Proud to be a WILDCAT! 

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