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Technology Issues

Littlefield ISD provides technology devices to students K-12 for school use. If students have problems with their school-issued device, a report should be made as soon as possible so that they can complete school work. 

Before submitting the report, please completely power down the device by holding down the power button or selecting power down on the device. Leave the device off for a few minutes before restarting the device. If the problem still exist, please complete the form linked below.  

  • Won’t power on
  • Keys not working
  • Broken screen
  • Missing Apps
  • Lost charger
  • Other problems?

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Fill out this form

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Districts policy on Bullying

The district prohibits bullying on school property, at school-sponsored or school-related activities, or in any vehicle operated by the district.  Bullying may be verbal or written expression or expression through electronic means, or physical conduct.  Bullying is not tolerated by the district and any student or parent of a student who believes that the student or another student has experienced bullying or that a student has engaged in bullying is encouraged to immediately report the incident.  Retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process is a violation of district policy and is prohibited.  We encourage you to communicate with your designated campus administrator during this time.

If someone is causing you problems, you need to report it. No one deserves to be treated badly in person or online.


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Need to talk to somebody?

School Counselors are here to help our students. Our district employs three certified counselors to meet the various needs or our students and staff. They provide a wide range of services from scheduling to counseling and assorted testing throughout the year.

Counselors at all campuses are busy, please submit a request to meet with the counselor at the appropriate campus for your student. 

***Transcript Request***

Students and former graduates can request Official Transcripts to be mailed to colleges, scholarship programs, and other entities. 


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