About Us

Littlefield ISD serves Littlefield, Texas and is located on highway 84 and 385. Littlefield ISD serves pre-K through grade 12 with a total enrollment of 1,355. Our attendance rate exceeds 96%. 63% of Littlefield High School Students graduate under the state's Recommended High School Program and only 37% under the State's Minimum High School Program. The district employs 102 teachers with 65 of those teachers having more than 10 years experience. The number of students to teacher ratio is 15-1. The district's tax rate remains as one of the lowest in the area. The District maintains an exceptional fund balance and does not have any old debt nor does it anticipate any new debt.

Our community is based in agriculture.  It is surrounded by cotton, grain sorghum, corn, wheat, and soybeans.   In 2019 a new milk processing plant went into production.

Vision Statement
The Littlefield Independent School District realizes that those students entering our schools today will graduate and live in the 21st century.  Their needs will be dictated by a rapidly changing society.  Our responsibility combined with the efforts of parents and community members is to prepare these students to not only live, but prosper in this rapidly changing world.  The decisions made today will have major effects on the quality, efficiency, and reliability of the education delivered to students.

School Song

Maroon and White,
You know now to fight.
We know you'll win,
And if you fight it won't be long,
'Till we'll all see,
A new victory,
So loyal and true
To your colors you must ever be.
Our colors gay,
They shine out today,
They fill our hearts,
With courage and the will to win.
Let's pledge our might,
To honor and right.
Press onward and upward,
With loyalty to L.H.S.